Many single travellers chose Outdoor Italy due to our high level of service and our expertise in self-guided mountain tours. And you will always have the safety of one of our representatives just a phone call away. However, please do expect additional costs, as our prices are based on two persons, which is the norm. Private rooms and other services are often more expensive for individual travellers. Please find information about any additional costs for individual travellers on the tour page.

We are all different. Some of our clients are 70+ and have lived an active lifestyle all their life. Others may be twenty years younger and have barely left their office chair. It is very difficult to judge the physical and mental ability of a person on the basis of a phone conversation. If you are in doubt, each tour is rated for level of physicality, which you can learn more about here. You are of course welcome to call us and we will do our best to advice you.
Find your level of physicality here (link to Find your level page).

Our local partners knows every corner of the area, you are visiting. During the intro briefing, you will receive and app, physical maps and a phone number to call, if you need advice. In some cases, the app will have a button you can press, and your exact location will be forwarded directly to our local guide in the unlikely event that you can’t find your way.

We recommend that you speak to your insurance provider to ensure that your policy covers mountain activities such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking. Please note that any costs relating to emergency situations and potential need for evacuation is the sole responsibility of the client.