The freedom of ski touring. Move freely across snow covered mountains and valleys. No more waiting in endless lines to get on the next cable car. No more resorts and mass tourism. Only you, a few friends and untouched powder snow all around you.

Ski touring has become extremely popular in the Alps over the last ten years, and for many good reasons: Ski touring takes you away from the pistes and resorts and let you discovering the wild alpine nature, while only leaving a minimal footprint on your way.

Touring used to be for a limited number of daring locals, but a growing number of destinations are now offering routes for all levels of experience – including safe routes for beginners.

Today, ski touring is even possible for families with young children, and some destinations are offering safe touring tracks within the resort area.

Ski Touring Facts:

  • The ski touring season begins in March and usually last as long as there is still snow left.
  • In ski touring, you ski up hill without any help from cablecars or ski lifts.
  • As the sport is becoming more established, more and more touring routes are opening up across the Alps.
  • Touring skis are roughly speaking a hybrid between standard downhill skis and cross country skis. Going uphill, you attach a pair of fells under your skis, which prevents you from sliding back on the incline.
  • When skiing outside the protected ski areas, avalanche equipment such as a beeper, a probe and a shovel, is mandatory.

We are working closely with certified local Italian guides and instructors to find the best touring destinations in both Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Chose one of our touring packages – or contact us, if you would like us to create your own touring adventure.

Learn more about our touring offers here:

Touring in Italy

Touring in Austria

Many new hikers ask themselves questions such as: Am I strong enough to hike in mountains? Do I have the fitness for it? Can I figure it out – or do I risk getting lost?

You should never let anxiety and uncertainty win if you dream of a hike in the mountains. It’s a fantastic experience and once you’ve tried it once, you’ll likely return to the mountains again and again.

The magnificent views. The feeling of freedom when you wander on these spectacular trails – alone, or with family or a good friend. The great food and the coziness when you sit on the bench for dinner with other hikers in the small refuges on the road. These are experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.

Is my physique up to it?
If you dream of a hike in Tyrol, Wipptal or one of our other destinations in Austria or Italy, you should of course consider whether your physique is up to it:

Do you regularly go for walks, and can you walk 10-15 km along a forest path without your body breaking down completely? Are you generally a relatively active person? Do you have injuries to your knees or feet that may not be able to withstand walking too much up and down hilly terrain?

In the mountains, the degree of difficulty of a route is measured more by the number of meters of altitude – that is, the number of meters you move uphill and downhill – and terrain, than by the distance itself. 500-1000 meters of vertical gain can be easily managed by most people over a day’s hike, if the terrain is not too technical.

In the mountains, you also move more slowly. It’s about saving energy – you’ll get there!

Hiking for most people
Our hikes are aimed at most people who are in reasonably good physical shape. But it is of course clear that you have to prepare a little from home: Find the hilliest terrain in the neighborhood and spend a few hours every week getting your legs used to the strain.

Although Outdoor Italy is a small and new travel agency, we have already had a lot of new hikers in the Alps. And we haven’t yet – seven, nine, thirteen – had a single guest get lost. Should that happen, we are confident that one of our local guides can quickly be on the spot or give advice over the phone.

If you’re still unsure, give us a call and have a chat – we have the experience and can advise you, but expect us to be inclined to say: Of course you can hike mountains!

See you in Austria!

Benjamin Holst


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