Dear Traveller,

Outdoor Austria was founded with the mission to share our passion for active mountain life. We wanted to make the great adventures and experiences that mountains have to offer accessible to more people.

Many outdoor travel agencies offer guided group tours. If you don’t mind fixed travel dates, relying on a guide and accepting the dynamics of a group of people, you don’t know, this is is a great way of travelling.

But how about roaming the mountains in complete independence, safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of. That a bed is waiting for you in a comfortable hut and a local guide is only a phone call away? On selected tours, we will even transport your luggage for you from hut to hut.

We work with local partners across the Alps to offer you the best active packages. We aim to keep prices affordable without compromising our high level of service. So that you can enjoy some of the most beautiful and spectacular locations in the Alps – in full independence.

Thank you for travelling with us.

Benjamin Holst